Healthy Alternatives Of Sugar

Healthy Alternatives Of Sugar
Sugar is poison for the body. There is no doubt about that now. Luckily, there are some healthy alternatives!

A chocolate bar here, a biscuit there and in the coffee, the sugar must not be missing. There comes a lot of sugar during the day. For you, this may at first glance only be a small reward in everyday life. But for the body it is the purest poison. Studies have found that sugar in the brain causes the same reactions as nicotine and cocaine! That being said, it interferes with the digestive system, encourages fungal infection in the gut, weakens the immune system, promotes allergies, breaks teeth, makes you moody and even causes depression.

Sugar makes you sick

A study by the University of Hanover even found that children who eat a lot of sweets and hardly any fresh fruit score worse than children who eat a full diet. Not to mention the late effects that sugar can cause: bone and joint problems, cardiovascular disease, blurred vision, liver weakness and diabetes.

That an average German consumes 34.3 kilograms of sugar per year is therefore very worrying. And one more reason to remove the dangerous industrial sugar from its diet and replace it with healthy, natural alternatives.


Healthy Alternatives Of Sugar
She is currently on everyone's lips: The stevia plant. Their popularity is no coincidence. Stevia is purely vegetable, about 300 times sweeter than table sugar and has zero calories! Another advantage: the blood sugar level remains constant and the pancreas relaxes. So no insulin must be distributed, the fat burning is not inhibited and cravings go out.

There must also be a catch with Stevia: the taste. In coffee, tea, smoothies and shakes it tastes good, but for cooking and baking Stevia is unfortunately less suitable. Also, because it is difficult to dose. When buying should be paid attention to whether it is pure Stevia, or sugar substitutes such as erythritol were added to make it taste more sugar-like.

maple syrup

Healthy Alternatives Of Sugar
As the name suggests, maple syrup is not available in crystal or powder form but only as a syrup. That does not make him any less delicious. In contrast to stevia, maple syrup does affect blood sugar levels, but not nearly as negative as normal table sugar. The taste, however, is particularly intense and malt-like. It does not taste good in coffee. For desserts, shakes, jam, pastries and a number of cakes (eg: in the apple strudel) but already!


Healthy Alternatives Of Sugar
You may have heard less about it so far: Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius). This is a plant from South America, which has been used there for centuries as a nutrient and medicinal plant. Yacon can help with diabetes, kidney disease and indigestion, making it a miracle plant!

Visually, she is reminiscent of a sweet potato. Yacon syrup and yacon powder can be obtained from it, which is ideal as a sweetener. In Europe, Yacon products were long unavailable because they were banned. Meanwhile, you can easily get syrup and powder of the great plant.

Sweetening with Yacon has several advantages: The 40-50% yacon syrup is fructo-oligosaccharides (prebiotic, sweet-tasting, soluble fiber), which nourish the intestinal flora, promote intestinal health and regulate digestion. Ideal for chronic constipation and diarrhea.

Although fructo-oligosaccharides are carbohydrates, they are indigestible as fiber, so they do not get into the blood - like sugar - and therefore neither increase the body weight nor the blood sugar level. Yacon also helps to meet the mineral requirements and delivers significantly less calories than table sugar and even honey. For diabetics, it is therefore ideal.

Obese people can also help the Yacon root to lose weight. In an American study, 55 overweight women with cholesterol problems and constipation had to maintain a low-fat and calorie-restricted diet for four months. Forty of them received Yacon syrup daily, and 15 took placebo syrup.

The result is overwhelming: at the end of the study, the Yacon women had lost a whopping 15 pounds, while the women in the placebo group had gained 1.6 pounds. The Yacon women also broke the constipation and the fasting insulin levels fell by 42 percent. At the same time, the insulin resistance of the cells was reduced by 67 percent. Even the previously high cholesterol levels dropped by 29 percent.

Coconut blossom sugar

Healthy Alternatives Of Sugar
If you already have coconut oil at home, you have opted for a healthier alternative when roasting. But coconut can do more. Coconut blossom sugar, for example, is an excellent alternative to traditional table sugar. It is obtained from the flower nectar of the coconut palm and thickened, dried and ground in the traditional way.

Thanks to its low glycemic index, the blood sugar level does not rise, which in turn prevents food cravings. Coconut sugar is not as same as table sugar. Generally, however, it is recommended to use it like the normal sugar. You do not have to fear a coconut flavor. The coconut blossom sugar tastes more like caramel, which fits perfectly into a latte macchiato, for example.

So there are plenty of alternatives that will allow you to banish the white sugar from the kitchen once and for all.

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